Primary Royale

0.75 oz / 20 ml 'Roast Almond' Belvedere Vodka

0.75 oz / 20 ml Lemon Juice

0.5 oz / 15 ml White Peach Skin Oleo*

2.75 oz / 80 ml Champagne


Shake the first three ingredients and strain into wine glass. Top with champagne and garnish with drops of lemon oil.


*For roast almond Belvedere – combine 100g roast almond and 700ml Belvedere in a sealed bag, place inside the chamber of iSi cream whipper and charge with 2 x N02 bulbs. Leave to sit for 10 minutes and discharge and strain.

*For white peach skin oleo – combine peels of twelve white peaches with equal weight sugar in a container, cover and leave overnight.

* For lemon oil – steep the peels of twelve lemons in 200ml olive oil for one week.

Vodka Brand

Belvedere Vodka

The World's first luxury vodka, Belvedere Vodka is a symbol of luxury and craftmanship recognized throughout the world.

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