A Taste of Vodka’s Past


A Taste of Vodka’s Past

Revealing the full potential of rye


Belvedere Heritage 176 is crafted by our Master Rye Distillers using a centuries-old malting process to reveal the unexpectedly rich and complex flavors of Polska rye. The result is a sumptuous full-bodied spirit with distinctive notes of raw honey, walnuts and allspice — best savored over ice with a lemon twist.

Malting: Rediscovering a centuries-old tradition

Until the 19th century, Polish vodka-makers relied on the age-old technique of malting: drying rye in fire kilns before distillation. This process naturally draws out the rich, nuanced taste that would otherwise remain hidden in the grain.


However, over time the vodka category expanded and technology evolved. Sadly, these old traditions faded out, and vodka became more associated with neutrality. Belvedere is proud to challenge this — we believe that rye, the heart of our brand, delivers a vodka with both distinctive taste and character.


Demonstrating this belief, our Master Rye Distillers have revived the tradition of malting to create Belvedere Heritage 176. With a process that includes steeping, sprouting, and heating Polska rye in kilns up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit, they have unlocked the hidden depths of rye for a true taste of vodka’s past.






Belvedere B

A light and refreshing citrus forward cocktail, ideal for afternoons or pre-dinner drinks.


Heritage Style

Perfect as a digestif, this cocktail is short and bold with hints of honey and walnut.


Excellent choice, Mr. Bond

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